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Welcome to the Synth DIY wiki

SDIY stands for Synthesizer Do It Yourself. This is a budding wiki for learning and sharing knowledge about making, modifying, or repairing electronic musical instruments and related equipment yourself. It is a wiki with an emphasis on the craft of electronics applied to audio and music technology.

The SDIY wiki is a collaborative endeavour and requires your input - request a login. Editing is not difficult - read the quick start tutorial at Help:Editing.

To email the SDIY wiki administrator: admin at

Internals of a MIDIbox SID by Max Farnea.

Table of contents
Background information Electronic musical instruments · Audio theory · Music theory · Standards and Protocols · Synthesizer Do It Yourself
Electronic music gear Synthesizer · Sequencer · Drum machine · Sampler · Effects · Ancillary equipment · Repairing · Modifying
SDIY electronics Electronics theory · Tools and test equipment · Workshop techniques · Electronic components · Microcontrollers · DSP · Troubleshooting
Bibliography Plans and schematics · Books · Magazines · Videos · Online resources
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